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Vehicle Glass Repairs


Why on the above title do we say professional vehicle glass repair? Surely all companies offering glass repairs will produce a professional job? You would like to think so wouldn't you. Sadly in a world seemingly motivated by corporate profit alone, this often isn't the case. Insurance companies have cottoned on to the fact that if a windscreen is repaired it will save them from buying their customer a new screen. Unfortunately many of the companies repairing vehicle glass are the same companies who install new screens, so if they repair the screen and it later breaks, they get two jobs.

Windscreen Bullseye Break"Bullseye" break

Windscreen star burst break
"Star Burst" break

Windscreen combination break
Combination Break



To repair a windscreen properly takes a high degree of skill and patience, not to mention experience. You have only one chance to carry out the repair. If it is not done properly first time the botched effort will prevent a proper repair being made by a true professional later. The secret is to ensure that the resin flows all the way into the full depth of the cracks. Many repairers try to pump or force the resin into the break, but because there is air in the break, this prevents the resin getting to the all important ends of the cracks to prevent them spreading. At Screentech we use a vacuum pump to remove the air from the break so that the resin is 'sucked' fully into the full depth of the damage, minimising the risk of the crack spreading. The following diagram shows how a repair should be performed. The resin is shown as blue, though is of course clear in reality.

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Glass Polishing

Mercededs screen repair

If glass gets scratched on a car, getting replacement glass is either prohibitally expensive or in the case of a classic, often impossible. In this situation polishing can be an affordable solution. Our highly skilled craftsmen can save glass by polishing out scratches. This work can only be carried out by the most proficient specialist technicians using the utmost care and as such we are proud to be able to offer this service.

We also etch windows with the chassis or registration numbers for security purposes.

All in all, we are automotive glass specialists who do everything to car glass except replace it